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Not only do we have business class secure servers on all hosting packages, unlike many other UK hosting companies, we don’t just put your website on the server and leave it there for you to maintain, our tech team are there every month to preform vital updates for your website, such as site security, site maintenance, moduels updates and everything inbetween. We can even update written content, images and pages. we have a full range of hosting packages to suit every need. 

We know you are busy running your business so leave the website updates and maintenance to us. 

Why do i need to host my website

What is Website Hosting

High speed, secure servers ensuring your clients can always access your website. 

In order for a website to be visible online every website needs hosting, Website Hosting is the where your site is uploaded to a server, this server is connected to the World Wide Web which allows your website to be found by users and search engines. 

Your site stays on this Server which holds all the information about the website. 


You can concentrate on your business knowing your website is in safe hands when in the care of UKWEBGROUP. Monthly site health checks, updates, server maintenance all goes on in the background leaving you to concentrate on your business. 

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