Security Updates

Keep your website secure with the latest module updates as a standard service of every one of Website Maintenance Packages.

Content Updates

You can focus on running your business and let us look after your website. Just send us the content and we will upload to your website

Website Speed

We will make sure your website is fully optimised and running at maximum speed as part of our website maintenance package.

website maintenance package

Does your website need a website maintenance package?

Keeping a website well maintained and up to date is vitally important for security, user experience and your search engine rankings.

You are already busy running your business you do not have time to keep all of this in check. That’s where we can help!

UK Web Group’s website maintenance packages help keep websites up to date with the latest security meaning your website remains secure, we make sure all of the web page designs and content are all loading and displaying correct and consistently update the latest content meaning your website remains fresh and favoured by search engines.

WordPress plugin updates Website Maintenance Packages
ecommerce SEO Services

Start selling more than your competition

Making sure your website is fine-tuned for SEO will maximise the potential for your online business. An eCommerce SEO service will ensure your products can be seen by your target market when they search online. Competition is fierce in every market with your competitors challenging for profitable sports in the search results. 

website support and maintenance

website support and maintenance features

Web Hosting

Website hosting

In order for a website to be accessible online it needs to be hosted on a server. This is the place where all of your website files are stored. The server that you website is hosted on plays a vital role in your online success. If your server is slow and unsecure you are liable to slow page load speeds and run the risk of unauthorised access to your website files. That is why any of our clients using your support service have the option of hosting their website on one of our high speed business class secure servers.

Server stands
WordPress plugin updates Website Maintenance Packages
Monthly Updates

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates

If your website is built in WordPress a big part of your website maintenance will be making sure all of the core and plugin modules are upto date. Each time there is an update we will put your wordpress website into a staging environment to carry out the update and review each aspect of the site to make sure there are no conflicts.

Website Content Updates

Content Updates

We understand you are busy running your business so do not have the time to update the content with new wording or images that is why our full support team are always on hand to update any new content that needs to be updated.
Website Maintenance Packages Content management
Website Maintenance Packages Computer security.
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Website security maintenance

As part of our website maintenance package we take care of the security of your website, from installing our own tailor made security software, updating login credentials monthly,  to making sure every page is running through an SSL. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to security. 

Ecommerce SEO Features

Your ecommerce website will feature a unique design tailor made based on the business information you provide us. There will be no other site like yours. 

Built using the latest coding techniques to development an industry leading ecommerce website that will put you ahead of your competitors. 

We do not do off the shelf one size fits all solutions. 

Technical SEO Audit

A full technical SEO audit of your website to locate possible technical issues making sure your website is performing at optimum performance and can be crawled and indexed by Google.

Category Page Optimisation

Having your products optimised into categories help the filtering and sorting of your product. Potential clients like to be able to search categories and filter down the exact product type they are looking. Optimising your categories will help with your site structure and user experience (ux)

Product Page Optimisation

SEO for your ecommerce website product pages will help your products rank higher on search engines. We will review the content, images and make sure your pages have the highest change of conversion.

Product Filter Optimisation

Your products are the reason why you have a website, your potential customers need to be able to easily reach the product they want, by having faceted navigation your customers will be able to easily search and filter based on the product attributes to find the desired product.