Server Speed

Optimised servers ensuring your website is running at optimum speed. is part and parcel of our website hosting packages


Server security that is updated and reviewed monthly meaning we have the latest SSL’s and software against any threats such as hackers, DDoS attacks.


What good is a website if your clients cannot access it? Our severs are robust and reliable boasting a 99.9% average uptime. 

website hosting packages

What is web hosting?

Every website requires web hosting

Whether you are a start up, a small or large multi-national corporation. If you require a website to run your business you need to have a web hosting service with allocated space on a server for your website. Without website hosting and a server your website will not be accessible online.

Your website files are transferred into a web server (a large purpose built computer system) that will connect your website to the world wide web. To put it in simple terms. You are renting web space from a hosting service provider.

Servers in an aisle of racks in a computer server farm.
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Is the quality of the website hosting service important?

Very much so, there are a lot of cheap options that promise to host your website for next to nothing. But the hosting servers used here will be built as cheap as possible on low maintenance service meaning they are never maintained or updated or possibly old servers.

This will mean when users are accessing your website it might take a long time to load meaning they will leave your website. Or the server might be using out of date low cost security technology resulting in your website being vulnerable to attacks. You get what you pay for.
Website hosting packages

Learn more about our website hosting packages

Eco Web Hosting package

Eco Web Hosting

Our starter web hosting package, If you simply just need your website hosted on a fast secure server with minimum downtime this is the web hosting package for you.
Website hosting package
Website hosting package
Advanced web hosting

Advanced web hosting package

The next step up from the eco web package, our advanced web hosting package boasts a faster server, 7 days of backups of your website, monthly updates of the server modules and security.
uk web hosting package

Business class web hosting package

The top tier of our website hosting packages, maximum speed from the server, large space allocation for your website, 1 month worth of website backups, and the latest security software and modules at all time. 

Website hosting package

Web hosting features

Each of our website hosting packages come with different levels of features functionalities and support. We keep our web hosting services transparent and with no hidden extras.

Live Support

We will be on hand to help whenever you need it. We do not outsource to other ends of the earth to speak with someone who has no knowledge. You speak with one of our technically trained team directly by Live chat, email or telephone. Our support is second to none. 


You do not want your website to be vulnerable to threats. With UK Web Group’s hosting service you will have peace of mind knowing your website is hosted on a secure server with all of the latest security.

High Speed Servers

A fast website will generate more leads, product more sales and leave a lasting impression on your clients. That is why every plan from our eco web hosting to business class web hosting all come with lightning fast servers. Making page buffering a thing of the past. 

Stress free site migrations

Already have a live website and want to transfer it to us? Not a problem just provide us with the details and we will do all of the techy bit. Leaving you to run your business.

What support is included with a web hosting service

Depending on the hosting package you have selected there are different levels of support. Eco web hosting you will be able to email our support email if ever you need to discuss your web hosting. Advanced and business class will be able to phone directly through to our server team to discuss any hosting related matters. We understand hosting and servers may be something you know little about, we will not try and bamboozle you with tech jargon, one of our team will explain anything in simple terms so you know exactly what is going on. We take pride in our customer support teams as they are always there to go that extra mile to help you with your website hosting.

I already have a website, how do I transfer it to you?

Transferring a website from one hosting provider to another can be a complex time consuming job. When changing to UK Web Group as your hosting provider we take away all of the hassle and agro with one of our server team handling the complete transfer for you.

Am i tied down to a long contract?

No, we do not believe in tieing clients down to long contracts. We beleive with the level of service we provide our clients stay with us long term because they want too, not because they have to.

We offer 30 day rolling contracts. You are free to leave any time.